Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Cable Tray

Custom Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Cable Tray

  • Different sizes, forms and fitting for your demands
  • Made of high quality corrosion resistant stainless steel
  • Simple structure, Good air circulation
  • Optional covers available.
  • Quick and flexible cable deployment
  • OEM/ODM Availability


The stainless steel wire mesh cable tray, also known as ss wire mesh cable tray or stainless steel cable basket, is specially designed and manufactured with high quality stainless steel wire in biaxial direction by automatic production line. It offers excellent corrosion resistance, ensuring the safety and longevity of cables and tubes. This flexible cable tray allows easy access for cleaning and inspection, making it suitable for various industries such as food, lumber, IT environments, and offices.

JLH stainless steel wire basket cable tray is engineered with top-grade stainless steel 304 or 316, providing excellent strength while being lightweight. Its solid and rounded design, along with safe edges, offers enhanced cable protection against damage.

The wire cable tray is ideal for both indoor and outdoor installations, finding applications in telecommunication houses, electrical units, and engineering projects. JLH Electric offers custom sizes and lengths of stainless steel wire mesh cable trays at competitive factory prices.

1. What Is Cusotm Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Cable Tray?

The stainless steel wire mesh cable tray is a specially designed and manufactured system that utilizes a wire basket with a diameter of 4-6mm to route and support small-diameter cables, particularly data communication cables. The mesh structure of the tray allows for proper airflow, keeping the cables ventilated and cool, which helps prevent heat damage. The mesh is also smooth to ensure that the cables are not cut or abraded during the installation process.

Stainless steel wire mesh cable trays can be cut or bent to accommodate various configurations like curves, slopes, and tees, making them suitable for complex cable runs. These trays can be mounted on walls, overhead, or under floors, making them versatile for whole-facility installations. They are particularly useful in spaces without paneled ceilings, as they provide an effective solution for hiding cables.

The open design of the stainless steel wire mesh cable tray allows for natural ventilation, dissipating heat and preventing the accumulation of heat within the tray. This optimization of cable performance enables the use of cables with smaller sectional areas, resulting in reduced cable procurement costs.

JLH offers a range of stainless steel wire mesh cable trays with widths ranging from 500 to 200 mm, heights from 50 to 200 mm, lengths from 300 to 3000 mm, and stainless steel wire diameters typically ranging from 3.5 to 6 mm. JLH Electric provides custom design and fabrication services to meet specific customer requirements.

2. JLH Custom Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Cable Tray Properties

  • Payment conditions: 30% deposit, 70% before shipment
  • Delivery leadtime: 15-30 days
  • Certification: ISO/CE
  • Application: factory/hospital/bridge/tunnel/power station etc.
  • MOQ: 100 meters
  • Business type: manufacturer
  • Package: steel pallet with plastic film
  • Raw material: stainless steel SS 304/316
  • OEM/ODM Availability
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3. Technical Data Of Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Cable Tray

NoTypeW (mm)H (mm)Weight (Kg/m)L (mm)
  • Raw Material: Stainless steel SS304/316
  • ODM/OEM Availability

4. What Are Advantages of Custom Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Cable Tray?

Stainless steel wire mesh cable trays provide advantages such as customization options, corrosion resistance, aesthetic appeal, good air circulation, optional covers, quick and flexible installation, lightweight construction with high load capacity, cable movability, OEM/ODM availability, and competitive pricing. These features make them a reliable and efficient choice for cable management in diverse applications.

4.1 Customization in sizes and forms

Stainless steel wire mesh cable trays can be customized to meet specific requirements. They are available in different sizes, forms, and fittings, allowing for a tailored solution that fits your exact needs.

4.2 Corrosion Resistance

The use of stainless steel ensures excellent corrosion resistance. This makes the cable trays suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations, even in harsh environments where exposure to moisture or chemicals is a concern.

4.3 Aesthetics, Structure and Air Circulation

The wire mesh design of the cable trays provides a clean and attractive appearance. The simple structure allows for easy installation and maintenance. Additionally, the wire mesh construction promotes good air circulation, preventing heat buildup and ensuring the longevity of the cables.

4.4 Optional Covers

Stainless steel wire mesh cable trays can be equipped with optional covers. These covers provide additional protection and security for the cables, shielding them from dust, debris, and accidental contact.

4.5 Quick and Flexible Installation

The cable trays can be quickly and flexibly deployed using brackets. This allows for efficient cable routing, adjustments, and modifications, saving time and effort during installation and future maintenance.

4.6 Lightweight with High Load Capacity

The wire mesh construction of the cable trays is lightweight, making them easy to handle and install. Despite their lightweight nature, they have high load-bearing capabilities, enabling them to hold and lift a significant number of cables without compromising structural integrity.

4.7 Cable Movability

The design of the stainless steel wire mesh cable trays allows for easy movement and repositioning of cables without causing damage or disruption to the overall cable system. This flexibility is particularly advantageous in situations where cable reconfiguration or expansion may be required.

4.8 OEM/ODM Availability

Manufacturers of stainless steel wire mesh cable trays often offer OEM/ODM services. This means they can produce customized solutions based on specific project requirements, ensuring a tailored and precise fit.

4.9 Competitive Factory Price

Due to the use of stainless steel wire mesh and the availability of customization options, stainless steel wire mesh cable trays are competitively priced. This makes them a cost-effective choice for cable management solutions without compromising on quality or performance.

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5. What Is Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Cable Tray Used For?

The stainless steel wire mesh cable tray is the flexible solution in which the cables are easily accessible during cleaning and inspection.  It is widely used in building and construction to protect, support and manage the electrical, network and fibre cables and wires. 

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