Hot Dipped Galvanized Cable Ladder

Hot Dipped Galvanized Cable Ladder

  • Custom Thickness, Sizes, Forms for yor Demands
  • Compact Design, Robust Contruction, High Tensile Strength
  • Hot Dip Galvanized In TS EN ISO 1461
  • Dust free, Durability, Quick Installation & Heavy Cable Support
  • ODM/OEM Availability


Hot dipped galvanized cable ladder, also known as HDG cable ladder or HDG ladder, is the ladder type cable tray which is processed by Hot dipped galvanized method with compact structure and fine finish ensuring their ability to withstand corrosion and dust. HDG cable ladder is specially designed and engineered for indoor and outdoor use in commercial or industrial environments with high cable density.
As the reliable cable ladder manufacturer and supplier, JLH Electric offers OEM/ODM high quality  galvanized cable ladder with different sizes, forms and fitting to meet most requirements of cable and electrical wire installations.

1. What Is Hot Dipped Galvanized Cable Ladder?

The hot dipped galvanized cable ladder is a versatile cable management system designed to meet the needs of various industries. It is made from steel that has undergone a hot-dip galvanizing process, which involves immersing the ladder in molten zinc to create a protective coating. This coating ensures that the ladder is highly resistant to corrosion and offers long-lasting durability.

The galvanized cable ladder is constructed with a prefabricated C channel metal structure that has been processed through galvanization. It features parallel transverse rungs that provide maximum ventilation for the cables within the system. This design allows for efficient cable density and meets the demands for stainless steel and sheet metal materials.

JLH Electric has its own hot-dip galvanizing workshop, ensuring stable quality and offering a more competitive product cost. With this capability, we can easily customize cable trays of various sizes to meet the specific requirements of our clients worldwide. The hot-dip galvanization process also enhances the ladder’s waterproofing and highly anti-corrosive performance, resulting in a longer service life.

The hot dipped galvanized cable ladder offers several advantages, including high strength, light weight, low cost, attractive appearance, easy installation, and good air permeability. It is suitable for the laying of larger diameter cables and specifically designed to handle heavy loads, making it ideal for high and low voltage electrical cables.

JLH HDG ladders are produced in standard lengths of 3 meters, but can also be manufactured in 6-meter lengths upon request. Our fully automatic production lines utilize the Roll Forming method, ensuring precise and efficient fabrication. Additionally, our cable ladders are structurally stronger as they are assembled using a robotic welding system.

The hot dipped galvanized cable ladder is a reliable and robust solution for cable management. Its corrosion resistance, durability, and customizable options make it suitable for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications.

2. JLH Custom Hot Dipped Galvanized Cable Ladder Properties

  • Raw material: carbon steel Q235
  • Product type: ladder type
  • Surface treatment: hot dip galvanized
  • Appearance: Smoothy, no burrs, no burning, scratch, zinc tumor
  • MOQ: 60 meters
  • OEM: acceptable, could produce according to clients specifications
  • Certification: CE, ISO certificates
  • Application: specially engineered for cable management, protection and support
Hot Dipped Galvanized Cable Ladder for sale
Hot Dipped Galvanized Cable Ladder price

3. Technical Data Of Custom Hot Dipped Galvanized Cable Ladder

NoTypeW (mm)H (mm)Weight (Kg/m)L (mm)
  • Processed by hot dipped galvanized method
  • ODM/OEM Availability

4. What Are Advantages of JLH Custom Hot Dipped Galvanized Cable Ladder?

JLH custom hot dipped galvanized cable ladder provides a comprehensive solution for cable management needs. With their versatility, durability, fire resistance, and ease of installation, they offer a reliable and efficient solution for various industries and applications.

4.1 Different Sizes, Forms, and Fittings

Customization options allow for HDG cable ladders to be tailored to specific demands, ensuring a perfect fit for any project.

4.2 Compact Design and Robust Construction

The cusotm hot dipped galvanized cable ladder is designed and engineered to be compact, maximizing space efficiency while maintaining a sturdy and durable structure. This ensures that the cable ladder can withstand heavy loads and provide reliable support for cables.

4.3 High Tensile Strength

With high tensile strength, the HDG cable ladder can effectively withstand the weight of cables and other equipment, ensuring long-term durability and safety.

4.4 TS EN ISO 1461 Hot Dip Galvanized Option

The cable ladder hot dip galvanized is manufactured using the TS EN ISO 1461 hot-dip galvanizing process in JLH factory, which provides a protective zinc coating. This galvanized finish enhances the ladder’s resistance to corrosion, extending its lifespan and maintaining its aesthetic appeal.

4.5 Fire Resistance Certificates

The HDG ladder is certified for fire resistance, offering protection in the event of a fire. With certificates such as E30, E60, and E90, it meets the required safety standards and provides peace of mind in critical environments.

4.6 Durability and Dust-Free Finish

The fine galvanized finish not only enhances the ladder’s durability but also creates a dust-free surfac. This ensures that cables remain clean and protected, reducing the risk of damage or interference.

4.7 Quick Installation and Flexible Cable Deployment

The custom hot dipped galvanized cable ladder is designed for quick and easy installation, saving time and effort during the setup process. It also provides flexibility in cable deployment, allowing for efficient routing and organization.

4.8 Wide Range of Accessories and Easy Installation with Brackets

A wide range of accessories is available to complement the cable ladder system, providing additional functionality and customization options. The ladder is also easy to install and fix using brackets, simplifying the installation process.

4.9 ODM/OEM Availability

The hot dipped galvanized cable ladder is available for ODM/OEM, allowing for customization and branding options to meet specific requirements.

4.10 Competitive Factory Price

Along with its numerous advantages, the HDG cable ladder offers a competitive factory price, ensuring value for money without compromising on quality.

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5. What Is Hot Dipped Galvanized Cable Ladder Used For?

Hot dipped galvanized cable ladder is widely used in various industries for cable management, protection, and support. Its durable construction and corrosion-resistant properties make it an ideal choice for demanding environments such as heavy industry plants, power plants, petrochemical industry, and more.

5.1 Heavy Industry Plants

Hot dipped galvanized cable ladder is used to support and organize cables, ensuring efficient power distribution and minimizing the risk of electrical hazards. The ladder design allows for easy access to cables for maintenance and repairs.

5.2 Power Plants

Power plants rely on hot dipped galvanized cable ladder to manage the intricate network of power cables. It provides a secure and organized pathway for high-voltage cables, ensuring optimal power transmission and preventing cable damage.

5.3 Petrochemical Industry

In the petrochemical industry, where harsh chemicals and corrosive environments are common, hot dipped galvanized cable ladder is utilized for its superior corrosion resistance. It protects cables from chemical exposure, maintaining their performance and extending their lifespan.

5.4 Paper or Beer Industry

The paper or beer industry also benefits from hot dipped galvanized cable ladder. It provides a robust cable management solution that can withstand the demanding conditions of these industries, including high humidity, extreme temperatures, and constant movement.

5.5 Multi Story Tall Buildings, Business Centers, And Office Buildings

Multi-story tall buildings, business centers, and office buildings rely on hot dipped galvanized cable ladder to support their extensive network of data and communication cables. It offers a safe and organized pathway for these cables, ensuring efficient connectivity and minimizing the risk of cable damage.

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