Hot Dip Galvanised Trunking

Custom Hot Dip Galvanised Trunking

  • ISO9001 and CE approved cable tray manufacturer
  • High strength, durability and corrosion resisitance
  • Full enclosed, anti-moisture
  • Light weight, wide range of sizes
  • Safe smooth edge design to protect cable
  • OEM/ODM Availibility
  • Competitive factory price


Hot dip galvanised (HDG) trunking, also known as hot dipped galvanized trunking, is a specific type of metal cable trunking manufactured in hot-dipped galvanised zinc coated low carbon steel to BS4678 part 1 1978. It is engineered for durable and corrosion resistant solution to protect pipes and cables in harsh environment.
As the reliable cable trunking manufacturer and supplier, JLH Electric offers high quality hot dip galvanised trunking in custom thickness and size for your demnads. The depth range is from 25 up to 200 mm, and the width is from 50 to 1000mm.

1. What Is Hot Dip Galvanised Trunking?

Hot dip galvanised trunking is a cable management system that offers exceptional durability and corrosion resistance. It is specifically engineered and designed to withstand harsh environments and provide long-lasting performance. The hot dip galvanizing process involves immersing the steel trunking into molten zinc, creating a protective coating that prevents corrosion and ensures longevity.

Hot dip galvanised trunking is an ideal choice for applications that require protection against moisture and corrosive elements. It is particularly suitable for environments where safety and durability are paramount. The galvanized coating acts as a barrier, shielding the trunking from damage and maintaining its structural integrity over time.

Manufactured from continuously hot-dipped zinc-coated low carbon steel strip, the hot dip galvanised trunking complies with the BS EN 10346:2009 standard, ensuring high-quality construction. Available in various sizes, such as 50mm x 25mm, 75mm x 75mm, 100 x 50mm, 100 x 100mm, and 200mm x 80mm, among others, the trunking comes in lengths ranging from 2 to 6 meters. Each length is supplied with a pair of couplers, providing easy assembly and installation.

Hot dip galvanised trunking is a reliable and durable cable management solution that offers excellent corrosion resistance. Its protective coating and adherence to industry standards make it suitable for demanding environments. With a range of sizes available, it can accommodate different cable management requirements.

2. JLH Custom Hot Dip Galvanised Trunking Properties

  • Raw material:  low carbon steel strip
  • Product type: Galvernized Cable Trunking Type
  • Surface treatment: hot dip galvanized
  • Appearance: smooth and even zinc layer
  • MOQ: 60 meters
  • OEM/ODM: acceptable and according to your specifications
  • Certification: CE, ISO,CCC certificates
  • Delivery: 15-20 days after deposit received
  • Payment terms: T/T, LC at sight acceptable
  • Application: building, construction, cable management, cable protection, cable support, and more
Hop Dip Galvernised Trunking Price
Hot Dipped Galvanized Trunking for sale

3. Technical Data Of Custom Hot Dip Galvanised Trunking

NoTypeW (mm)H (mm)Weight (Kg/m)L (mm)
1XQJ-C-01A-15025 11.82000-6000
  • Processed by quality zinc hot dipped method
  • ODM/OEM Availability

4. What Are Advantages of Hot Dip galvanised Trunking? 

Hot dip galvanised trunking offers a range of features that make it a highly desirable choice for cable management.

4.1 ISO9001 and CE Approved Manufacturer

The hot dip galvanised trunking is manufactured by JLH cable tray manufacturer that has received ISO9001 and CE certifications. This ensures that the product meets international quality and safety standards.

4.2 High Strength, Durability, and Corrosion Resistance

The trunking is built with high-quality materials and undergoes a hot-dip galvanization process, which enhances its strength and durability. It is designed to withstand the rigors of various installations and environments. Additionally, the galvanized coating provides excellent corrosion resistance, protecting the trunking from rust and other forms of degradation.

4.3 Versatile Design

The hot dip glavanised trunking is designed to accommodate a wide range of cable management needs. It can be used in various installations and environments, whether industrial, commercial, or residential. Its versatility makes it suitable for different applications, ensuring efficient cable organization and support.

4.4 Full Enclosure and Anti-Moisture Properties

The hop dipped glavanized trunking is fully enclosed, providing a protective barrier for the cables it contains. This helps prevent moisture, dust, and other contaminants from affecting the cables, ensuring their safety and optimal performance.

4.5 Flexible and Easy Installation

The hot dip glavanised trunking is designed for convenient installation. It offers flexibility, allowing cables to enter or exit at any point along its length. This feature simplifies cable routing and makes it easier to manage complex cable systems. The trunking’s lightweight construction further contributes to its ease of installation.

4.6 Wide Range of Sizes

The hot dip galvanised trunking is available in a wide range of sizes, accommodating various cable diameters and quantities. This ensures compatibility with different cable management requirements and allows for customization based on specific project needs.

4.7 Safe Smooth Edge Design

The trunking is designed with smooth edges to protect the cables from damage during installation and maintenance. This eliminates the risk of cable abrasion or insulation wear, ensuring the integrity and longevity of the cable system.

4.8 Various Accessories Available

A comprehensive range of accessories is available to complement the trunking. These accessories include fixing brackets, supports, and installation components, providing flexibility and convenience during installation.

4.9 OEM/ODM Availability

The manufacturer offers OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) services. This means they can customize the trunking according to specific requirements, such as size, design, or branding.

4.10 Competitive Factory Price

The hot dip galvanised trunking is offered at a competitive factory price. This provides cost-effective solutions for cable management projects without compromising on quality and performance.

Hot dip galvanised trunking stands out for its high strength, durability, corrosion resistance, and versatile design. With its full enclosure, ease of installation, and various sizes available, it offers efficient cable management solutions. The safe smooth edge design, availability of accessories, and OEM/ODM options further enhance its appeal. Moreover, it is competitively priced, making it a cost-effective choice for a wide range of cable management applications.

Hot Dip Galvanised Trunking Manufacturer
Hot Dip Galvanised Trunking Supplier

5. What Is Hot Dip Galvanised Trunking Used For?

Hot-dip galvanized trunking is utilized in various applications due to its exceptional durability and corrosion resistance. Here are some common uses:

5.1 Industrial Facilities

Hot dip galvanised trunking is widely employed in industrial settings where there is exposure to chemicals, moisture, and harsh conditions. It is commonly utilized in manufacturing plants, chemical facilities, wastewater treatment plants, and similar industrial applications.

5.2 Infrastructure Projects

The HDG cable trunking is extensively used in infrastructure projects that require long-term durability and corrosion protection. It finds application in bridges, tunnels, railways, highways, and other structures where the trunking is exposed to environmental elements and potential corrosive agents.

5.3 Construction and Building

In the construction industry, hot dipped galvanized trunking is often employed for routing and managing electrical cables. It provides a safe and organized approach to handle wiring, ensuring efficient cable management within buildings and structures.

5.4 Outdoor Applications

The trunking is particularly suitable for outdoor cable management, where it is exposed to weather elements such as rain, humidity, and UV radiation. The galvanized coating on the trunking offers excellent protection against corrosion, making it a reliable choice for outdoor installations.

5.5 Commercial And Residential Projects

Hot dip galvanised trunking is utilized in commercial and residential buildings for cable management purposes. It ensures the safe and organized routing of electrical cables, providing a neat and efficient solution for power distribution.

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