Strut Channel

Strut channel, also known as slotted channel or unistrut, is usually formed and engineered from stainless or galvernized metal sheet over along its edges to create a channel shape that holds fastening connectors from the ceiling or roof. The strut channels share the same manufacturing processes with cable trays such as steel plate cutting, plate stamping, bending, galvanizing, post-processing, etc.  It is designed with slots along the base at regular intervals for interconnections, fastening to walls, or bolting on accessories. It provides light structural support for solar palnels, greenhouse glass, wiring, plumbing, or mechanical components. It is also used to connect pipes, wire, threaded rods, or bolts to walls.

As the reliable strut channel manufacturer and supplier, JLH Electric offer a selection of strut channel system in a wide range of styles and sizes for solar stations, greenhouses, and building constructions to mount, brace, support, and connect lightweight structural loads. OEM/ODM are available.

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