Cable Ladder

Cable ladder, also known as ladder type cable tray or ladder cable rack, is specially designed and engineered with side rails with rungs for routing and supporting cables. This ladder type cable tray is suitable for the laying of larger diameter cables, especially for the laying of high and low voltage electrical cables with heavy loads.  Ladder cable trays are popular for their open design, offering excellent cable ventilation and convenient access for maintenance purposes.

As the leading cable ladder manufacturer and supplier, JLH Electric offers high quality cable ladder solution for a wide range of load depths and medium to heavy load capability requirements. They are available in common materials such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum ally or FRP, etc. JLH ladder type cable tray products are engineered to provide superior strength to weight ratio while providing a cost effectives solution for heavy duty cable support. Our ladder tray products are engineered in straight lengths, the matched fittings are available to make directional or level changes with bends, tees, crosses or risers, or to change cabling widths with reducers. OEM/ODM are available. 

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