Cable Tray Certificates

Cable tray certificates have witnessing the continuous efforts and achievements results by employees, manufacturing process management and quality assurance system. 

JLH Electric holds ISO9001 Quality Management Certification, ISO24001 Environmental System Management Certification, ISO45001 Health And Safety Certification, CE M.2022.206.C76799 Certification which represent our long-term promises to quality, customers and ourselves.

As the reliable cable tray manufacturer and supplier, JLH Electric is always committed to offer customers worldwide with top-quality cable trays and fittings, strut channels, and exceptional services. Through continuous investment in technological innovation and manufacturing facilities,  JLH Electric ensures industry leading technology, advanced manufacturing processes and high quality prodcuts. Strict quality assurance system and boiler certificates guarantee the precision, durability, and high quality of cable trays and related accessories. Our lonf term commitment to excellence and expertise enables us to deliver reliable and efficient cable tray ans strut channel solutions to meet the specific needs of customers.

Our talented cable tray experts and their experiences are our real wealth and competence, adding significant value to our certifications. We work passionately for excellent products, solutions and services through our experience and expertise.

ISO9001 Quality Management Certification for JLH Cable Tray
ISO9001 Quality Management Certification
ISO45001 Health And Safety Certification for JLH Cable Tray
ISO45001 Health And Safety Certification

At JLH Electric, our commitment lies in product innovation, quality assurance, and customer satisfaction. Continuous improvement is deeply ingrained in our corporate values, driving us to deliver high quality cable tray products. JLH cable tray certificates are a testament to our strict manufacturing and quality control processes, ensuring the effectiveness of our employees and facilities. We take pride in offering professional OEM/ODM services, strict quality assurance, and exceptional after-sales support to ensure your utmost satisfaction.

Since 2009, we have obtained certifications such as ISO9001 Quality Management, ISO24001 Environmental System Management, ISO45001 Health And Safety, CE M.2022.206.C76799, reflecting our dedication to maintaining high quality standards and adapting to industry changes.

ISO24001 Environmental System Management Certification for JLH Cable Tray
ISO24001 Environmental System Management Certification
CE M.2022.206.C76799 Low Voltage Certification
CE M.2022.206.C76799 Low Voltage Certification

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